The Latest Buzz from the Shower Door Professionals Group

This Week in Glass - 14th August 2023

The Shower Door Professionals Group takes a leap with a fresh weekly newsletter, weaving in the latest from the world of glass beyond the constraints of social media. Chris Phillips orchestrates this venture with some key takeaways.

In Focus:

  • Demystifying Frameless Shower Installations: The National Glass Association (NGA) has birthed a manual, championed by experts including Danny Donahue. This guide illuminates the complexities of frameless showers, offering a beacon for design and safety.

  • The Branding Blueprint by Bill Daubman: With a legacy in the glass business, Bill distills his wisdom into an article. He emphasizes the magic of a memorable name and ubiquitous branding.

Delve deeper for a treasure trove of industry knowledge.

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