Know Your Numbers Part 2: The Go-Back Monster with Greg Stowell of Clinton Glass

In the ever-evolving world of shower door installations, "go-backs" or job callbacks present a persistent challenge, often eating into companies' profits. With insights from industry expert Greg Stowell of Clinton Glass, this comprehensive post delves into the financial ramifications of go-backs, their most common causes, and strategic solutions for curbing their occurrence. Discover standardized processes, the importance of clear customer communication, and the brighter profit horizon that awaits when go-backs are efficiently addressed. Dive in to ensure your installations are nothing short of impeccable! 🌐🚿📈
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Building a Positive Workplace: Incentives and Recognition Done Right

2nd October 2023 | | Chris Phillips' Evolution in the Shower Door Toolkit

Hey, glass gurus! 🚿✨ Chris Phillips dives deep into his journey from a solo shower door installer to an innovative tools creator in our industry. Gratitude flows for the robust support from the community. Heads up: a 20% price hike on his ingenious tools is looming, with the Graduator tool seeing a double leap. Let's capitalize on the current prices, explore those gadgets, and continue crafting phenomenal installations together. Keep shining, rockstars! 🤘🏼

👀 Don't miss last week’s call rewind: from identifying our drivers to showering accolades on the schedule masters. Plus, take a peek into the science and versatility behind Diamond Seal Systems’ coatings. Their nano-magic is not just for our glass but exploring realms beyond! 🚗🚀

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