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  2 October 2023


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Evolution in the Shower Door Toolkit: A Journey, Gratitude, and A Necessary Shift

Hey shower door people!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you guys for all of your support over the years. I began designing and manufacturing tools for shower door installers few years back. Originally, I was just hoping to create tools for my own use with the idea that I could do more with with less effort. Being a solo shower door installer has its challenges, as many of you know. After coming up with some of these gadgets to help me do my own work it occurred to me that it would be worth a try to see if some other people in the industry could benefit from them too. To my surprise it turned out that there were many who found them to be helpful. I've come up with a number of different ideas and have been able to offer them to people in the industry, and that has been a lot of fun.

As you all know, glass industry tools tend to be way overpriced. I made a conscious decision not to jack-up the prices of my tools beyond what is reasonable. I still think that was a good idea and I've kept my prices pretty low for that reason. I do want to continue to improve the quality of these gadgets, and it does come at a price. In addition, I've come to the point to where it's hard for me to do all of the manufacturing myself as demand had increased. I've been looking into getting more of the tools I produce manufactured by others, something I have already done that in a couple of cased. With all of this in mine, the time has come for me to raise prices on my products. I'm planning a 20% price increase across the board for all of my tools before the end of the year. One exception is the Graduator tool, which has been underpriced ever since I began offering it. After looking into having it manufactured by others I realized that I'm I'm selling it for about half of what I should be so in that one case the price will be doubled new new

I am planning this increase. That means the rest of this month all of my tools will remain at the same low price that they have been for some time. This is a great opportunity to check out some of the gadgets if you haven't already done so. All the prices will be increasing 20% with the exception of the graduated tool as I mentioned above. Once again I want to thank you all for using the tools. You can expect the quality to continue to improve as I redesign and remanufacture if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

-Chris Phillips 


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Alright team, here’s the lowdown from our latest brainstorming session on 9-27: 

Chapter 1: What Drives the Drive?
Everyone’s revved up by something different. For some, it's the paycheck, for others, it's the recognition or perhaps some well-deserved downtime. Let’s ensure we're all in the right gear.

Chapter 2: Keeping Score
Let’s get our hands on the metrics and KPIs that can flag our peaks and valleys. A focus on goals like punctuality, job completions, glowing reviews, and killer sales can put us in the fast lane.

Chapter 3: More Than Just the Moolah
While everyone loves a paycheck, let's get creative with our appreciation – think event tickets, that coveted 'employee of the month' jacket, or some leaderboard recognition.

Chapter 4: Crafting a Winning Team Spirit
Building an uplifting and cohesive work environment is the foundation. We're more than just colleagues; we’re teammates with shared ambitions.

Chapter 5: Hats Off to the Schedule Masters
A huge salute to our scheduling aces, navigating the tight turns and keeping us on track. Their game is both strategic and intuitive.

Your Action Playbook:
1. One-on-ones: Engage with each team player to get a feel for their driving force.
2. Scoreboard: Pinpoint those 3-5 metrics that set the pace for our success.
3. Blueprint: Shape an incentive framework around our key goals, like clockwork punctuality and job mastery.
4. Rewards Think Tank: Beyond the paycheck, let's pool ideas for rewards that truly resonate.
5. Monthly Huddles: Regularly regroup to bond and keep the team spirit fired up.
6. Behind the Curtain: Direct a spotlight to our scheduling champs, orchestrating our day-to-day seamlessly.


 Introducing the Smart Toolbox User Group on Facebook!

We are thrilled to announce a Facebook Group dedicated to Smart Toolbox users! This page was created to allow users to collaborate on the many functionalities of Smart Toolbox and share ideas about how they use the program with others. The group also encourages users to ask support questions, share and receive feedback on enhancement requests, and vote for new projects presented by the Smart Glazier support team. The Smart Toolbox User Group page is managed by the support team as well and will help them better understand how their customers are using their software. This will contribute to how they prioritize enhancement requests and provide them with a better sense of the needs of their end users. This level of collaboration will ensure every user can get the most out of their Smart Toolbox experience!d

If you would like to contribute your ideas, vote on enhancements, or just peruse how others are using Smart Toolbox, join us here: 


Christina Leamon Elia
Director of Business Development
The Shower Door Guy


Hey, rockstars! 🎸 Ready for another deep dive? This time, we’re all about the cutting-edge coatings with Diamond Seal Systems. So, grab your glasses and let's decode the magic behind these game-changer seals!

Chapter 1: From Shower Door Hustle to Seal Innovations
Back in the day, our guy James kick-started with his bro, nailing those shower door installations. But when times got tough, this dynamo pivoted to creating kickass coatings to fend off those pesky hard water stains. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! 🍋

Chapter 2: When Science Meets Showers
Here's where things get juicy. Teaming up with a brainiac scientist, James whipped up a nano-based coating that's tight with the glass, like bonding on a first-name basis. And let’s just say, NASA thought it was out-of-this-world (pun totally intended). 🚀

Chapter 3: The Seal Science
Breaking it down, this rad coating bonds carbon and oxygen atoms in a harmonious molecular dance. And the prep? A good ol' isopropyl alcohol bath to get things squeaky clean for the bond.

Chapter 4: Slap That Seal On
For the pros in the house, press that liquid magic in with a trowel for the perfect embrace. For the DIY crowd? They’ve got kits to give your showers that sparkling touch. And guess what? No fuss with door hinges or those shiny accessories.

Chapter 5: Beyond the Glass – Diamond's Expansion
But wait, there's more! Diamond's branching out, bringing that nano-magic to plastics, tiles, cars, and even helmets. And speaking of helmets, they’re teaming up with Clemson to see if their coatings can be the superhero against concussions.

Let's Rock n' Roll:
1. Dive into Diamond Seal's offerings. How can they jazz up our biz?
2. Ping Diamond Seal. Might be cool to join their dealer squad.
3. Pitch Diamond Seal coatings to clients. Who doesn’t love long-lasting shine?
4. Do a face-off: Diamond Seal vs. other coatings. May the best seal win!
5. Peek at their DIY kits for a showroom glow-up.
6. Get Diamond Seal to strut their stuff and show our crew the ropes of sealing.

Alright, glass gurus! 🎸 We've riffed with Diamond Seal Systems, and it's a killer jam. From humble beginnings to a product even NASA's nodding at, they're taking coatings to the next level. Beyond glass, they're branching out big time. Dive into Diamond Seal, elevate your game, and maybe join this revolution. Keep it shiny, rockstars, and let's keep rocking this journey together! 🚿🚪🤘🏼

And if you're craving the full scoop with all the juicy details, don't miss out! You can catch the entire podcast on our YouTube link  (just click that bad boy). Hungry for answers or just itching with some shower door thoughts? Shoot over to our page at and lay it on us. Always thrilled to hear from our community! Keep it real, and remember, knowledge shared is success squared. Catch you on the call! 🚿🚪🤘🏼

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The PorcelainPlus Speedbit(R) was specifically designed for drilling efficiently through hard surfaces. Its speed and durability distinguish itself from other standard carbide bits. With a specially formulated mix of metals and superior designed carbide tip, the PorcelainPlus Speedbit(R) makes installations quicker and easier, therefore, more profitable. Comes in a package of five units.

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