Shower Door Pros Discuss Hardware, Pricing, and Holiday Cheer

  18 December 2023 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Warm Wishes for a Blessed Holiday Season Hey everyone, Not much to blather on about this week – just want to wish you and yours a wonderful time of celebration and all the best for an excellent 2024! It’s at this time of year I spend the most time taking stock of my l...
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Navigating HR Challenges & Fostering Community: Insights with Chris Phillips

Dive into the latest discussion led by Chris Phillips, where we unpack the essentials of HR in the glass industry and the power of community. In this heartening chat, we explore the importance of robust HR practices, especially after facing unexpected challenges. Plus, get an inside look at the promising developments in our Shower Door Referral Network. Whether it's strengthening HR protocols or building a supportive network, this blog offers valuable takeaways for every member of our glass family.

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