From Glass Tiles to Gigantic Doors: The Shower Installation Chronicles

Ever grappled with the challenge of installing shower doors on glass tiles without a crack in sight? Or wondered where to score the best glass supplies without burning a hole in your pocket? Dive into our latest discussion where we share the insider tips, triumphs, and pitfalls from the world of shower door installations. Plus, we've got the lowdown on going BIG with shower doors! Join the Chris P. deep dive, and let's up your shower game. 🚿🛠️ #ShowerDoorShowdown
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Maximizing Efficiency & Profitability: Pro Tips for Shower Door Businesses from Industry Guru Bill Daubmann

Hey everyone, Chris Phillips here. Let's talk brass tacks about elevating your shower door business to the next level of efficiency and profitability. Got your attention? Good. We've got some nuggets of wisdom from industry vet Bill Daubmann that you won’t want to miss.

Here's what you're gonna get:

1. Setting Efficiency Benchmarks: Ever wondered what's a good number of shower installs per day? Bill’s got you covered. He suggests establishing a minimum, like three showers a day, as your benchmark for efficiency.

 2. Cutting Callbacks: Those dreaded callbacks can ruin your day and your rep. Bill shares some smart techniques to minimize them, like choosing pivot hinges over wall mounts and getting your caulking game on point.

3. Streamlined Ops and Inventory: Think GPS and job tracking software. Think bulk orders. Streamlining these can be a game-changer for your bottom line.

4. Attracting Top Talent: Keep your crew motivated with performance bonuses and growth opportunities. A happy team is a productive team, am I right?

5. Marketing Beyond Builders: Don’t put all your eggs in the builder basket. Bill suggests home shows and digital advertising to connect directly with end consumers.

Wrap it all up with continuous fine-tuning, and you've got yourself a well-oiled, profitable machine. Stay tuned for the full rundown!

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