Shower Door Pros Discuss Hardware, Pricing, and Holiday Cheer

  18 December 2023 WEEKLY NEWSLETTER Warm Wishes for a Blessed Holiday Season Hey everyone, Not much to blather on about this week – just want to wish you and yours a wonderful time of celebration and all the best for an excellent 2024! It’s at this time of year I spend the most time taking stock of my l...
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A Splash of Reality: Why Frameless Showers Aren't Fully Watertight

In our latest industry discussion, we delved into key trends and challenges shaping the glass industry's future. Here's a brief overview of the crucial topics we unpacked:

  1. Economic Outlook: The conversation opened with a stark economic forecast, predicting a potential recession and depression in the coming years. We also touched on the real-time impact, like home builders in Pennsylvania facing massive layoffs due to rising interest rates.

  2. Regulatory Gaps in Shower Enclosures: We highlighted the surprising lack of standardized building codes for glass shower enclosures, underscoring the need for industry-wide consistency in safety standards.

  3. Third-Party Glass Certification: The benefits of obtaining third-party certification, such as enhanced credibility and meeting commercial contract requirements, were weighed against the added costs it entails.

  4. Expanding into New Markets: We discussed the value of leveraging local business development centers, particularly for businesses exploring new markets like bullet-resistant glass, to gain access to invaluable resources and expertise.

These discussions offer vital insights and action points to help us navigate the complex terrain of the glass industry with informed strategies and innovative approaches.

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November 6th Call:

In our latest blog post, we dive deep into the nature of frameless shower enclosures and how they coexist with the element of water. We'll unravel why a completely watertight enclosure is a myth and why a few splashes outside are not the catastrophe they're often made out to be. Join us as we explore the nuances of frameless shower enclosures, offer advice on when to opt for different models, and provide insights on post-installation care and maintenance. For those who've experienced the dreaded call-backs due to water concerns, we share a proactive approach to prevent future mishaps

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