A Splash of Reality: Why Frameless Showers Aren't Fully Watertight

  13 November 2023



Behind the Glass: The Realities of Working with General Contractors

Much of the work that we do comes to us from general contractors. They are a great source for jobs and there are benefits to doing work for the same person (or team of people) on a regular basis. You get to learn their likes and dislikes; they get to learn what they can expect from you. There's also the benefit of not having to explain the same thing over and over - the way we do with homeowners repeatedly. In my opinion a good ratio of homeowners to general contractors is about 50/50.

There is, of course, some downside to working with generals. They tend to want lower pricing and can be slow to pay their invoices. You can end up working on the same job for a long time without collecting payments in some cases, and that can strain cash flow. My personal experiences with general contractors have varied quite a bit over the years. Some are easy to work with, have a good sense of humor, and they are quick to pay-up. Others, on the other hand, can be difficult for a variety of reasons. That's just the way it is.

Whenever a general contractor reaches out to me for the first time, I'm always curious why they aren't using the same company they have in the past. It's a good idea, in my opinion, to talk to new contractors about who this – it’s a good thing to know. Have they stopped using the previous glass shop because they weren't performing well? Or are they looking for a new glass shop because they haven't paid for the last one? Maybe the old glass shop doesn't want to do their work anymore for some reason. The cool thing about being part of a network is that we can reach out to each other and share information about our previous customers. It really gives us the upper hand.

-Chris Phillips 


A Splash of Reality: Why Frameless Showers Aren't Fully Watertight 🚿🛠️


Hey Team,

Shower Door Pros here, bringing you the lowdown from our latest live chat on the ins and outs of frameless shower setups. If you missed the buzz, worry not—here's what you need to know:

Frameless Facts: First up, remember this—frameless shower doors are a bit like Swiss cheese; they're not meant to be watertight. That's by design, folks. Water might make a break for it, but how much depends on several things—showerhead aim, how the user splashes around, and the lay of the land (or your bathroom floor).

Client Chats: It's on us to set the scene for our customers early on. When we're talking shop, we've got to spell out that a few droplets on the tile aren't the end of the world. And hey, for the crowd that wants a dry floor, we’ve got semi-frameless as a solid plan B.

Job Selectivity: Now, onto the gigs we pick. Steering clear of setups with a slope that's more off-kilter than a carnival funhouse is ideal—saves us a headache later on. That being said, not every biz can afford to be picky. Still, keep it in mind.

Leak Lookout: When the inevitable "It's leaking!" call comes in, we put on our capes, swoop in with a tube of caulk and some seals, and make sure they know it's not a design flaw—just gravity doing its thing.

Seal the Deal: And about that silicone—no, it's not mandatory. A smart install can often skip the sticky stuff. Plastic edge seals? They're the sleek weapon to manage moisture without the mess.

Pro Tips: We swapped some ace advice on clamping down leaks, perfecting gasket placement, and getting those gaps just right for form and function.

All in, it's about letting folks know that a drip here and there is part of the frameless shower package. And it's nothing we can't handle.

Scope out those plastic edge seals—they might be the quick fix you need.
Make "frameless showers may include free drips" part of the sales spiel.
Keep an eagle eye on any wonky substrates from the get-go.
Get our spiel polished on why a damp bath mat isn’t a disaster.
Craft a go-to plan for when customers ring us up about a 'leak.'

That’s the drill. Let’s keep pushing the envelope, dialing in those details, and delivering the top-tier service we’re known for.

Catch you on the flip side,

Shower Door Pros Facebook Community

Harnessing Recession, Regulations, and Resilience: A Glass Industry Update


Hey there, glass enthusiasts!

In our recent discussion, we delved deep into the fascinating and ever-evolving world of the glass industry. From economic predictions to the nitty-gritty of building codes, we covered it all. Here’s a rundown of the key topics we explored:

- Economic Forecast & Homebuilder Trends: We kicked off with some sobering news from an economist at a recent trade show. Brace yourselves – there's talk of a recession in the mid-2020s and possibly a depression by decade's end. The advice? Be cautious with debt. Adding to this, major home builders in Pennsylvania are prepping for mass layoffs, a ripple effect of climbing interest rates.

- Shower Enclosure Codes – A Puzzle: A hot topic was the surprising lack of standardized codes for glass shower enclosures. While safety glass and proper tempering are common standards, there’s a gap in uniform regulations across regions.

- The Upside of Third-Party Glass Certification: Sure, self-certification is an option for fabricators, but getting a nod from bodies like SGCC packs a punch in credibility and commercial contracting. The catch? It's not light on the wallet.

- Leveraging Local Business Development Centers: Looking to branch out? Places like local business development centers can be goldmines for guidance, especially if you’re eyeing markets like bullet-resistant glass. They offer market research, accounting assistance, and can link you up with government resources – all at no cost.

Action Steps for Us:

1. Dive into researching products and services that could withstand an economic downturn.

2. Get a magnifying glass on the building codes within our areas, especially focusing on the gaps related to shower enclosures.

3. Weigh the pros and cons of pursuing third-party glass certification, considering both the credibility boost and the costs involved.

4. Make a call to our local Small Business Development Center to explore avenues in expanding into the bullet-resistant glass sector.

This discussion was a treasure trove of insights and perspectives, offering a 360° view of the current landscape in our field. Let’s use this knowledge to navigate these challenging yet exciting times in the glass industry!

Stay informed and innovate,

Shower Door Pros Facebook Community

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The Glass Clamp Assistant is specifically designed for the purpose of holding the two-part glass clamp together while a screw is inserted and fastened. The innovative tool is compatible with several types of shower enclosure glass clamps, including the CRL SCU4, CRL BCU4, as well as the Cardinal and US Horizon equivalents.  

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