Showcase Innovations

Clamp Assistant - The Glass Clamp Alignment Tool for Frameless Fixed Shower Glass Panels (Set)

  • Clamp Assistant - The Glass Clamp Alignment Tool for Frameless Fixed Shower Glass Panels (Set)

Showcase Innovations

Clamp Assistant - The Glass Clamp Alignment Tool for Frameless Fixed Shower Glass Panels (Set)


Makes Attaching Glass Clamps Fast and Easy for a Single Installer

This tool is becoming the standard for frameless shower door installers in the United States... Don’t be the last glazier to get one! 

The Problem: A glazier working alone may not be able to hold the glass clamp cover plate in place while fastening the screw from the opposite side of the glass. Even though he may be able to easily move and manipulate a fixed panel to set it in place, his arms may not be long enough to reach around the glass to work on both sides at once. Situations like this may require a two-man crew to do a simple installation that should really only require a single installer.

The Solution: The Glass Clamp Assistant is specifically designed for the purpose of holding the two-part glass clamp together while a screw is inserted and fastened. The innovative tool is compatible with several types of shower enclosure glass clamps, including the CRL SCU4, CRL BCU4, as well as the Cardinal and US Horizon equivalents. 

Check out the video for more product information and instructions on how to use this amazing utility.

  • Made in USA
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Sturdy construction
  • 3D Printed and Assembled by Hand
  • Also Assists in Hole Layout Marking 
  • Eliminates the Need for a Second Installer

To use the “Clamp Assistant” for laying out the holes, place the half of the clamp that gets mounted to the tile in one side of the “Clamp Assistant.” Remember to include the gasket that goes between the clamp and the glass for maximum accuracy. Put the parts into place and the “Clamp Assistant” will hold the part in place while you work. Move the panel into place, find the exact location where you want the clamp to go, and then mark the hole. Repeat the process as many times as you have clamps to install.

Once the hole locations are marked, you can set the glass aside and drill the holes. After installing the base half of each clamp, the panel can be put back into place. One side of the clamp assistant is placed on the base part of the glass clamp that has been anchored. The cover plate portion of the glass clamp is now placed into the remaining side of the clamp assistant device. Once put into place, the magnetic field will hold the parts in place. The installer is now free to return to the inside of the fixed panel to insert the machine screw. Since the parts are perfectly aligned, the screw is easily turned into place. There is no need for fishing around, and less risk of cross-threading.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  

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