Shower Door Pros Discuss Hardware, Pricing, and Holiday Cheer

  18 December 2023


Warm Wishes for a Blessed Holiday Season

Hey everyone,

Not much to blather on about this week – just want to wish you and yours a wonderful time of celebration and all the best for an excellent 2024! It’s at this time of year I spend the most time taking stock of my life and all the things I am grateful for. You all in the Shower Door Pros group are near the top of my list. Thanks so much for being part of my life every Wednesday evening and throughout the week. You mean a lot to me…

In loving service,

-Chris Phillips 


Shower Door Pros Discuss Hardware, Pricing, and Holiday Cheer


Hello Shower Door Enthusiasts!

The Shower Door Professionals team is here with a recap of our latest industry video call. We had an amazing group from coast to coast, all diving into the ins and outs of our trade. Here’s a quick peek at the engaging discussions we had:

🛠️ Hardware Highlights: Our conversation opened with a deep dive into the world of sliding shower door hardware. With insights on brands like WBS, Dreamline, Arizona, and CRL, it was clear that Cambridge and Crescent kits are currently leading the pack for their cost-effectiveness and ease of installation.

💵 Supplier Secrets: In the realm of glass suppliers, GlassFab took the spotlight for its attractive pricing, especially when bundling glass and hardware purchases. Old Castle and Glassrap also received notable mentions for their offerings.

🚿 The Art of Installation: We exchanged experiences and tips on tackling common installation challenges, from precision in hole alignment to adapting to off-square spaces and the dynamics of on-site fabrication.

🎅 Seasonal Celebrations: As the holidays approach, we shared our plans for festive celebrations. From holiday parties with catered food and gift exchanges to cheerful office decorations, the spirit of the season is in full swing. While most are preparing for a holiday break, some teams are ready to power through with extra workdays.

Our latest call was a blend of professional insights and holiday excitement, reflecting the vibrant community spirit of Shower Door Professionals.

Stay tuned for more updates and industry insights from our team!

Best Wishes, Shower Door Professionals Team 🎄🚪🎉

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