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  14 August 2023



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As you probably already know, we decided as a group that it might be a good idea to provide some information in print, rather than just on social media and videos. There is a lot of potential for sharing information in this format and spreading it more effectively. Please feel free to share this newsletter with your friends in the glass industry.

We are interested in your opinions about the types of topics that should be included. Would it make sense to have a classified ads section? It might give group members an opportunity to advertise job positions available, and talk about new products or services that the rest of us might not know about. Even the opportunity to trade equipment, tools, or whatever.

I’m hoping this ends up being a resource to people in the industry that may not be available to join the livestream or have time to watch the YouTube videos. Reading a quick recap on a previous call might spark interest in someone who has never joined us in the past.

If you think you might be interested in writing for the newsletter, please let me know. You can sign up here! We would like to have regular contributors as well as one-time articles. Topics might include new products, glass industry news, installation tips-and-tricks, sales techniques, etc. I'm interested in hearing your ideas. Thanks for being involved in the Shower Door Professionals Group!

-Chris Phillips 


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New Frameless Shower Manual
Danny Donahue presented the "Frameless Shower Enclosure Design and Installation Manual" developed by the National Glass Association (NGA) along with other Shower Door Professionals. The manual provides guidance and best practices for designing, measuring, and installing safe, functional frameless shower enclosures.

The Frameless Shower Enclosure Design and Installation Manual
The National Glass Association (NGA) published this manual in 2023.
The manual addresses three common types of adequate substrates, curb pitch guidelines, structural support, fixed panel attachment, doors hinged off fixed panels, and different types of frameless sliders.

Managing end user expectations for water tightness
The key contributor, Danny Donahue, mentioned that a frameless shower is not designed to be watertight, and the amount a frameless shower will leak depends on various factors. A frameless shower enclosure is not the same as a framed or semi-framed counterpart. Minimal use of hardware achieves an all-glass look that does not allow for a kit assembled from aluminum extrusions preventing water from leaking.

The process of designing a frameless glass enclosure
The process of designing a frameless glass enclosure involves converting the design envisioned by the customer into individual panels of glass and appropriate hardware to create a safe glass enclosure. In some cases, the glass professional should provide options for redesign if the customer's expectation is physically impossible or renders the end product unsafe.

Dimensions and measurements
The manual discusses the best practices and factors that must be considered when measuring for a frameless shower, including the three most common adequate substrates, curb pitch, and different frameless slider types.

The installation of frameless showers
The manual provides guidance on installing safe, functional frameless shower enclosures, including the use of glass and hardware.

Potential issues and solutions
The key contributors mentioned some common issues that could occur in frameless showers and provided useful solutions, such as the use of glass transom, pony wall hinges, pivot hinges and heavy-duty hinges.

Link to Last Weeks Call Link to Frameless Guide

 Making Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

 bill daubman my shower door

Chris Phillips has asked me to help create content for his newest initiative, The Shower Door Professionals NEWSLETTER.

This is the first of many tips we can write about for this newsletter. 

This article will focus on "Making Your Glass Business Stand Out From The Crowd"

When we started in the shower door business in 1988, we were part of a small group of stores that had a 'licensing agreement" to use a trademarked name and purchase proprietary hardware from the license holder. In our case, it was Tom Whitaker from Mr Shower Door, in Norwalk CT. Tom was interest in growing his business and out family seemed to blend perfectly with his business model and Tom's personality. What we learned from Tom we took and added our own twist for ourselves. You can do this too!

In 2002, we sold our business in MA and moved to Florida to start all over again... it was the best move ever. 

Whether you run a full service glass shop or a niche shower door shop the key principal is to make your business "stand our in a crowd". You have to do a number of this so that the public things of you quickly when they are in need for your type of product or service. One of the biggest keys to do is to have the what you do incorporated in the name of your business. ABC Shower Doors, Classic Shower Doors, Phoenix Shower Doors are good exampled of this. The word shower doors is easy for the public to remember when they need aa shower door as opposed to ABC Glass, Phoenix Glass etc. 

The second is to have your "brand" shown EVERYWHERE !!!! You don't need to spend millions to do this, just be creative on your placement and clean with your message.

Bill Daubman

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