Harnessing Collective Power: Shower Door Pros Contemplate Co-op Formation

  30 October 2023



To Coop or Not to Coop? That is the Question...

Hello again shower door people!

On last Wednesday’s livestream we talked a bit more about the possibility of setting up a nationwide shower door cooperative. Our guest host, Christina Leamon Elia, walked us through some of the possibilities and had great suggestions to offer. These were based on research that she and Brad Leamon (of The Shower Door Guy) have been conducting for a while now. It’s a topic that we have discussed, although briefly, a few times in the past. Still, no one has ever picked up the ball and ran with it until now. Not that I am aware of, at least.

I, for one, think it's an excellent idea to take advantage of the affiliation we already have through the Shower Door Professionals Facebook group. It just makes sense to take it to the next level. Robert Gomez has already put together an online form that can be filled out by anyone who is interested in getting on board. We are still in the early stages of this, and welcome feedback. We’ll see how many people are interested in participating in the adventure. If there are enough of us who want to form a coop of some sort, we will take the next steps to get it going full-on.

After discussing this a bit, the consensus seems to be that there is really no downside in putting something like this together. I guess our first challenge is getting the word out to enough people in the community to make sure that everyone can weigh in on it. It would be a shame to decide that there isn't enough interest when only a small fraction of shower door companies have heard about the opportunity. So, tell others about it!  We want to get the word out there far and wide.

Thanks again,

-Chris Phillips 


Harnessing Collective Power: Shower Door Pros Contemplate Co-op Formation🌟


Hello Shower Door Enthusiasts, Here's a summary of our last call.

Introducing the co-op idea: Christina and Brad presented an overview of how the group could form a co-op or association for shower door professionals. They reviewed the definition and principles of a co-op, emphasizing democratic control, voluntary participation and collaboration to meet shared needs. The goal would be to raise demand for the industry and promote local businesses.

Benefits of working together: Key benefits discussed were increased credibility and visibility through a shared website and marketing, lead referrals across geographic areas, potential partnerships with national brands, educational resources, and maintaining independence. Bill and others expressed support for the idea.

Importance of vetting members: There was emphasis on vetting members to ensure they meet standards and aren't a liability. Suggestions included requiring licensing, insurance, storefronts, revenue, etc. to avoid low quality companies diminishing the credibility.

Phased implementation plan: We outlined starting small with governance, standards and a referral site, then expanding into more extensive marketing like SEO, advertisements and partnerships over time. Rob offered to help build the needed technology, and sites. 

Things to Do Next: 
-Sign up on the form here 
https://go.showerdoorcoop.org/signup if you are interested participating in the co-op/association
-Volunteer to help drive the initiative forward and be part of the core planning group
-Promote the idea at The Glass Show next week to gauge broader interest
-Schedule separate calls/meetings to start ironing out details like standards and governance
-Develop guidelines for how leads will be distributed across geographic areas to avoid conflicts z
-Ensure vetting standards are defined early on to avoid liability issues with low quality companies
-Consider creating a board, committees, or other structure to guide the co-op

Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to express your interest by signing up!

Until next week,
Shower Door Pros Facebook Community

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