Igniting a Referral Network: The Shower Door Pros Co-op Initiative

  17 October 2023



Igniting a Referral Network:
The Shower Door Pros Co-op Initiative

Hello friends,

On this past Wednesday’s call we were talking about various things, as we often do. The conversation eventually came around to the topic of starting up a referral network within the group. This topic has come up in the past, but we’ve never put any plan into action up until this point. The Shower Door Professionals Group on Facebook has over 2700 members at this time, and if only 10 to 20 percent of those members companies joined on, it would be an amazing resource for everyone involved. In a perfect world we would end up with a co-op of sorts... It would allow us to provide resources to customers throughout the country who are looking for shower pros. 

We all seem to agree that this is the right time to take some steps toward getting this thing off the ground. It’s all going to begin with allowing group members to sign up for it, and we will go from there. If there’s not enough interest to move forward, we can just scrap the idea. I’ve had plans in the past that haven’t panned out... That doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve been willing to try a lot of new things over the years. Some of them have been extremely successful and some not. I’m inviting you to come along on the ride for this one.

I am providing a link below that you can click on to fill out a form, enter your information, and be on the front line of getting this thing started. We will keep you in the loop as this thing develops. At some point, we will formalize it, and it will probably be a small fee, in order to cover administrative costs, but I expect this to be minimal. Once again, thanks for being a part of our amazing group. I look forward to hearing from you.

-Chris Phillips 

Entrepreneurial Voyage: From Local Chambers to Nationwide Co-ops


Hey there, entrepreneurial spirits! 🚿🎉

This week, we surfed through the gnarly waves of marketing and network-building for both budding and seasoned businesses! Yep, we got down and dirty about ways to snag that first customer and how to keep that momentum rockin' through to the veteran stages. 🚀🌊
Call Notes 📘:
- First Customer Hustle: Networking stole the show! Our team highlighted hitting up local Chamber meetings and nurturing connections (even family ones!) as killer moves for securing those initial gigs.
- Growing the Biz: Home shows? Still a hit! With a digital twist of showcasing projects on iPads and monitors, plus handshakes with remodelers and tile pros, those referrals just keep coming.
- National Referral Network Dreamin': Brainstormed an epic idea of a nationwide co-op to sling referrals coast to coast. Big talks on possibilities with national programs and making sure the ship sails smoothly with set standards and efficient admin.

Quick Action Replay 🚀:
- Slide into the DMs of tile installers with a sweet $100 referral fee offer.
- Whip up a tracking system for those referral fees – CRM or spreadsheet, whatever jams with your vibe.
- Give that Chamber of Commerce a ring and sneak into some tip club meetings.
- Deep dive into existing national referral networks – let’s find the gold in them hills!
- Unleash a digital form to see who’s up for a referral network co-op.
- Crunch those numbers for a website and domain for our potential co-op.
- Get crystal clear on those standards for co-op membership.

Hold tight, rockstars, and let’s get those creative juices flowing to ride these exciting waves together! 🏄‍♂️💡 Your stories, insights, and madly genius ideas are the energy we're all vibing with.

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Robert Gomez, & FollowUp.Glass 🥂🚪🎉

Networking and Growth Strategies from First Customer to Nationwide Referrals 


Hey there, shower door dynamos! 🚿🎸

Dove into the swirling depths of the shower door installation biz this week, and oh boy, the ripples are worth catching! We chatted about everything - from juggling supply-demand, pricing like a pro, and focusing on those unique shower doors that have our hearts skipping beats. 🛠️

Shoutout to our fellow business wizards who shared their two cents on nailing the biz balance, optimizing those sales, and standing out in the crowd.

Key spotlights? The power of specializing in frameless shower doors, the magic of standardized pricing, and the might of metrics (hello to a 52% closing rate on qualified leads!). Oh, and if you're not using tools like FollowUp.Glass? Time to elevate that CRM game! 🚀💡 

Missed any nuggets? Relax, I've got your back! Dive into our action-packed list:

Call Highlights
- Fine-tune your pricing in two weeks, keeping an eye on those margins.
- Ponder on pivoting solely to niche shower doors by end of Q1. Brian Jerd with Premier Frameless Shower Doors talks about his journey
- Boost those sales skills with team role-plays bi-weekly.
- Perfect your advertising pitch and target audience this month. Keith Daubman the Glazz Guy talks about EQ and pre-qualifying.
- Hunt down the ideal software or spreadsheets to monitor your sales stats and get it running in 3 weeks. Need help? Ask us!
- Kevin Wisecarver with Wise Glass suggest testing out FollowUp.Glass as your CRM wingman over the next month.

Here's the deal - we're all about value, expertise, and rocking the sales world. So let's plug in, jam together, and keep the innovative waves rolling! 🏄‍♂️🌊

This call summary brought to you by
Robert Gomez, & FollowUp.Glass 🥂🚪🎉

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The “Sticky Hand” is a brilliant utility that is 3D printed here in our facility in California. The item works for 3/8” glass and 1/2” glass so you only need one version of the device. The design allows it to be temporarily attached to a wall using tape and allows the glass to be balanced in place for a moment to free up the hands of the technician. This tool is based on the “Extra Hand” and offers some additional benefits. Primarily, the tool is specifically adapted to be used with enclosures that utilize a header.  

Sticky Hand

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