Maximizing Efficiency & Profitability: Pro Tips for Shower Door Businesses from Industry Guru Bill Daubmann

  4 September 2023


Maximizing Efficiency & Profitability

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Chris Daubman Shower Door Pros Group

Alright, let’s break it down... What’s making waves in the shower door biz? We're diving into the wisdom of none other than Bill Daubmann – a dude who’s been at it for years and has got the goods on how to elevate your game.

1. Setting the Bar & Fixing the Flops:
Ever think about what your golden number is? Bill suggests setting an efficiency benchmark, like maybe three shower doors a day? Here's a no-brainer: keep those callbacks to a minimum. Techniques? Try pivot hinges instead of wall mounts and perfect that caulking (if you use the stuff). Remember, callbacks ain't just about redoing work; they're a hit to your reputation and your pocket book.

2. Smooth Operations & Inventory Wizardry:
Bill’s mantra? Keep things flowing smoothly. Process those orders like a champ, keep a sharp eye on job progress, and manage your inventory. Tools like GPS and job management software? Modern magic! Go minimalistic with inventory and bulk up on supplies. Staying streamlined is the way to go!

 3. People Power:
The real MVPs are your team, so do what you can to attract the best, keep them happy, and watch them shine. Think performance-based bonuses and growth opportunities. And hey, who doesn’t love a good training session? Invest in your crew, and they’ll invest in your business.

4. Mixing Up the Marketing Cocktail:
Don’t just wait for builders to stumble across you. Explore other avenues like home shows – they're a perfect way to woo homeowners in person. And yeah, pump up that online advertising. Spread the word, and get the customers to come running to your door.

Here’s the game plan, straight from Bill:

1. Aim High & Fix Fast: Set that golden benchmark and learn the tricks to keep callbacks in check.

2. Stay On Point: Revamp those operations. Lean on tech, like GPS and job trackers, to keep things snazzy.

3. Boost the Squad: Roll out incentive programs. Spot talents and let them soar.

4. Spread the Word: Dive into new marketing waters – think home shows and ramped-up online ads.

There you have it, shower door people! Bill’s insider look into the shower door biz, filtered through the Chris P. lens. Got your own hot takes? Let’s keep the conversation going and together we will dominate the game! 

If you're craving the full scoop with all the juicy details, don't miss out! You can catch the entire podcast on our YouTube link (just click that bad boy). Hungry for answers or just itching with some shower door thoughts? Shoot over to our page at and lay it on us. Always thrilled to hear from our community! Keep it real, and remember, knowledge shared is success squared. Catch you on the call! 🚿🚪🤘🏼

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