Uncorking the Secrets: Crafting Elite Wine Rooms & Cellars with Chris P. 🍷🔧

  18 September 2023



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Crafting Elite Wine Rooms & Cellars

Last week on the Wednesday evening livestream we talked about glass wine closets (just in case you missed it). One of the members of the Shower Door Professionals group requested we make it the topic of discussion on an upcoming call. What’s funny about this is the fact I have no personal experience installing wine rooms. I made it the subject of the call knowing that there were members in the group that did have hands-on experience with them. Of course, there's never any way of knowing for sure who will show up on any given Wednesday. Still, I was pretty sure that of the 10 to 30 group members that are on the call each week at least one of them would have enough knowledge about wine rooms to cover me.

I was right! Keith Daubmann (AKA Glazzguy) was there to fill us in with all the details regarding how to make a glass wine closet work. He mentioned some brands of hardware and talked about some of the pitfalls that go along with installing these things. It was a virtual “master class” (in less than one hour) and I was totally stoked that Keith was there to jump in to take charge of the topic. It's interesting because a couple of the members that I know have experience with them were not on with us on Wednesday. Naturally, there were questions from the group on the call about this topic. A lot of details were shared including photos and websites, etc...

If you normally just listen to the podcast (which is available on all the platforms), you may want to think about watching this one on the YouTube Channel. There are some images that you are probably going to want to take a look at. I'm sure that we will try to include all the pertinent information and the recap... Thanks for being such a great group and for all your participation. I love the questions (as well as the answers) y'all come up with. Keep those ideas coming and don't be shy… I'm still interested in seeing some projects that we might be able to feature in a future edition of the newsletter. Have a great week!

-Chris Phillips 


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Alright, rockstars, let's dive deep into the world of vino – specifically, those ritzy wine rooms and cellars. This week, the crew huddled up to share the ins and outs of crafting the perfect space for that prized Pinot or Chardonnay. We're talking slick frameless glass setups, top-shelf doors with hydraulic patches, and all the bells and whistles. Primarily on installation to keep things chill and fog-free.

Here's the scoop:

Chapter 1: Chill Factor and Wine Rooms
Chilled wine rooms? Not just about the cool factor. We gotta play it smart – think about insulation, dodge those harsh sun rays, and watch the humidity. No one wants their precious bottles sweating, right? Also, a quick tip – steer clear from air vents blowing directly on the glass; unless you’re into the whole foggy view thing.

Chapter 2: Picking the Hardware Bling
The crew dropped names on the best gear in town. On the spotlight? Sediv USA's Unica hinges – they're the rockstars, holding doors open at a nice 180, with speed control and placement tweaks. Then there's the ever-reliable Dorma Kaba – commercial-grade excellence. And for those wanting to flaunt their flair, FHC's Aspire line is where the it's at.

Chapter 3: Anchors Away!
A good wine room's all about the foundation. We’re unanimous on this: Cobra anchors or something in that elite league is the way to go. Your regular Joe anchors just ain't gonna cut it with those heavyweight champions... (doors). Need a bite that holds? Cobras are your go-to answer.

Let's get to work:
1. Dive into the specifics of setting up a chilled wine room. Think tight measurements (I’m talking 1/8 inch or less), playing hide and seek (mostly hide) with the sun, and keeping the air just right.
2. Hunt down the gear from Sediv USA, Dorma Kaba, and FHC’s Aspire. Fancy a door that self-closes and holds open? Check out those hydraulic patch fittings.
3. If you're still stuck on those regular anchors, it’s time for an upgrade. Give Cobra anchors a shot.
4. Show off a little! Wine rooms are the new "it" thing. Give your customers the lowdown on what makes a top-tier wine showcase.

That’s the download on the wine room buzz. Got a Cabernet or a Sauvignon to showcase? You know how to get it done right! Cheers to that! 🍷🥂

And if you're craving the full scoop with all the juicy details, don't miss out! You can catch the entire podcast on our YouTube link (just click that bad boy). Hungry for answers or just itching with some shower door thoughts? Shoot over to our page at gep.glass/shower-door-professionals and lay it on us. Always thrilled to hear from our community! Keep it real, and remember, knowledge shared is success squared. Catch you on the call! 🚿🚪🤘🏼

Link to Last Weeks Call Link to Shower Door Pros


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