Unit One - Measuring and Layout

Unit 1 / Video #1: My Layout Kit for Measuring Shower Stalls for Frameless Glass:

Unit 1 / Video #2: Inline Shower Enclosure Opening Layout – Using Levels and Making Sketches:

Unit 1 / Video #3: Layout Using Notch Bug Dimensions

Unit 1 / Video #4: SLIC Zoom recording – August 2020


Unit Two - Single Frameless Shower Door Installation 

Unit 2 / Video #1: Shower screen install using Extra Hand

 Unit 2 / Video #2: Glass inspection

Unit 2 / Video #3: Hinged tub screen install on a tub

Unit 2 / Video #4: SLIC Zoom recording - September 2020


Unit Three - Installing Stationary Shower Panels 

Unit 3 / Video #1: In shop layout for clamps using a Notch Bug

Unit 3 / Video #2: On-the-job layout and installation of glass clamps using Notch Bug dimensions

Unit 3 / Video #3: SLIC Zoom recording - October 15, 2020:

Unit 3 / Video #4: Installing Glass Clamps on a Cast Iron Tub

Unit 3 / Video #5: Single Fixed Shower Panel Installation Demo


Unit Four - Installing Inline Shower Enclosures

Unit 4 / Video #1: Frameless Inline Installation with U Channel

Unit 4 / Video #2: SLIC Clinic on Zoom  - November, 19 2020

Unit 4 / Video #3: Frameless Inline Installation with Notched Panel and clamps


Unit Five - Frameless Barn Door Enclosure Installations

Unit 5 / Video #1 - Cambridge Series enclosure installation 

 Unit 5 / Video #2 - Laying out holes on a round bar

 Unit 5 / Video #3: Crescent Series Installation Video

Unit 5 / Video #4: December SLIC Clinic on Zoom


Unit Six - Less Common Inline Enclosure Installations

Unit 6 / Video #1: Neo-Inline Bifold Doors Demo

 Unit 6 / Video #2: Three Panel Bifold Doors Operation

Unit 6 / Video #3: Installation of a Pair of “Saloon Style” Doors

Unit 6 / Video #4: One Man Installation of a Shower Enclosure Transom

Unit 6 / Video #5: SLIC Clinic on Zoom

Unit 6 / Video #6: Essence Series Enclosure Installation

Unit Seven - Glass to Glass Hinged Doors

Unit 7 / Video #1: Glass to Glass Hinged Door Installation


Here is a customer testimonial from a while back about a shower enclosure I installed using the PPH0735 glass-to-glass hinge.

Check out Danny’s Testimonial

Here is a short video demonstrating how the Whitlock Step device can help making installation of a glass-to-glass hinged door more easy. Especially when installing on a tub

Whitlock Step Clip


The live Zoom Meeting - Thursday February 18

Facebook Live with Glass Experts Partners


Glass-to-Glass Hinged Door installation with Header

Instructional Video - Blocking Glass to Glass Hinges



Unit Eight - Installation of Shower Enclosures with Headers

Facebook Live from March 3rd in the Shower Door Pros group 

Frameless Shower Enclosure Headers - Overview


Facebook Live from March 10th in Shower Door Pros:


March 2021 - Shower Layout and Installation Clinic (SLIC)


90 Degree Enclosure with Header Installation


Unit Nine - Installing Neo Angle Enclosures

Video #1:

This video demonstrates the use of the Sticky Hand tool in the installation of a Neo Angle shower enclosure with two fixed panels. By using to-work pairs of Sticky Hands I am able to balance both stationary glass panels while I position the header and secure it in place. 

Video #2:

In this video I demonstrate the installation of a basic headerless neo-angle enclosure. The fixed panel on the left (hinge side) is 1/2” and the other two panels are 3/8”.

 Video #3:

Video for the online live clinic for unit nine of SLIC on April 15, 2021.

The live clinic takes place on Zoom at 5:00 PM Pacific time on the 3rd Thursday of each month. 

Video #4:

This is the Facebook Live video from 4/28/2021 where we discuss this month's unit as well as other topics. I also demo a neo angle design on showers online.

Video #5:

The Clamp Assistant mark and drill method for installing glass clamps with the panel in place. This can be done with a solo installer.

Unit Ten - Using Lasers for Measurement and Layout

Video #1:
Facebook Live discussion on 5/5/2021: 
Video #2:
This short video is a brief overview of the three different types of lasers I use in the course of my daily measurement, layout, and installation routine. I'll go over each of these in more detail later in the unit.

Video #3:

Facebook Live 5-12-21


Video #4:

Basics on using a Bosch plumb / level laser during the layout of a Cambridge series enclosure



Video #5: Checking Your Laser for Accuracy


Video #6: Unit 10 SLIC Clinic


Video #7: Measuring an Opening Using a Line Laser


Unit 11 - Seals and Sealants: Using Plastics and Caulks

 Video #1 - Plastic Edge Seals:

Video #2 - Unit 11 Clinic on Zoom:


Video #4 - Unit 11 - Frameless Door Sweeps

Facebook Live with Bill Daubmann


Unit 12 - Steam Showers

SLIC Clinic on Zoom for Unit 12 - July 15, 2021


Single Steam Shower Door Seals

Video demonstrating the installation of plastic edge seals for a single steam shower door - done in the shop before the door is installed.


Steam Shower Door Installation