Painted Glass Backsplash Designs

Recently, I posted a project on Facebook. It was a back painted glass backsplash job that I did over ten years ago… One of the people following the page sent me a message letting me know that I had dated the post-2008 instead of 2018. She thought that I had made a mistake on the date since it was just being posted.

Painted Glass Backsplash Designs

I sent her a message back telling her the date was correct, and that I have been doing this type of work for over ten years. Painted glass backsplash was already popular on the East Coast a decade ago, even longer. Like most fashion trends, the ideas in New York eventually get picked up by people on the West Coast.

At the time, no one was providing this product in our area or had even heard much about it. When I began doing painted glass in 2008, I was sure we were about to have an explosion of projects in our area, and that this amazing and versatile product would be everywhere in no time. I was surprised that wasn’t the case.

I had a source for back painted glass from a company in Georgia – US Color Glass. Logistically, it was complicated to get the glass made and shipped out here to the Central Coast, but the folks at US Color Glass were very helpful, and we were able to get the job done for me. Today, I have other sources closer to home. That being said, I have continued to use US Color Glass on recent projects.

The glass backsplash project that I did in Pebble Beach a few years ago was custom color matched and came from them. They do great work and are a pleasure to do business with. The cost and lead times are still comparable, so they are an option for me and my customers.

There are many standard colors of paint to choose from. The most popular is “Snow White” and “Sky Blue.” One of the many wonderful benefits of glass backsplash is that we can match any paint color. A customer can pick out the color they want from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore (or any other manufacturer) and provide the paint ID number for matching.

We have a variety of samples to check out here in our Santa Cruz showroom. If you supply some information about your backsplash project, I can provide you with a free ball-park estimate for standard color. This is a great option instead of tile or granite and looks awesome! Give us a call or check out our website.