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Unit Nine - Installing Neo Angle Shower Enclosures

  • Unit Nine - Installing Neo Angle Shower Enclosures

Showcase Innovations

Unit Nine - Installing Neo Angle Shower Enclosures


Access to all of the most current materials for Unit Nine of the Shower Layout and Installation Clinic (SLIC) system. This purchase gives you permanent access to these resources as well as any future additional videos or other information that may be added in future clinics.

Videos in this unit include:

Video #1:

This video demonstrates the use of the Sticky Hand tool in the installation of a Neo Angle shower enclosure with two fixed panels. By using to-work pairs of Sticky Hands I am able to balance both stationary glass panels while I position the header and secure it in place. 

Video #2:

In this video I demonstrate the installation of a basic headerless neo-angle enclosure. The fixed panel on the left (hinge side) is 1/2” and the other two panels are 3/8”.

Video #3:

Video for the online live clinic for unit nine of SLIC on April 15, 2021.

Video #4:

This is the Facebook Live video from 4/28/2021 where we discuss this month's unit as well as other topics. I also demo a neo angle design on showers online.

Video #5:

The Clamp Assistant mark and drill method for installing glass clamps with the panel in place. This can be done with a solo installer.

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