April 2021 - Shower Layout and Installation Clinic (SLIC)

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  • The one-on-one session with Chris Phillips is now available as an à la carte feature... You can schedule one now by following this link
  • Please note that my mobile phone number is (831) 250-9525. Feel free to text if you are having any trouble gaining access to any of the resources. 

Video #1:

This video demonstrates the use of the Sticky Hand tool in the installation of a Neo Angle shower enclosure with two fixed panels. By using to-work pairs of Sticky Hands I am able to balance both stationary glass panels while I position the header and secure it in place. 

Video #2:

In this video I demonstrate the installation of a basic headerless neo-angle enclosure. The fixed panel on the left (hinge side) is 1/2” and the other two panels are 3/8”.

 Video #3:

Video for the online live clinic for unit nine of SLIC on April 15, 2021.

The live clinic takes place on Zoom at 5:00 PM Pacific time on the 3rd Thursday of each month. 

Video #4:

This is the Facebook Live video from 4/28/2021 where we discuss this month's unit as well as other topics. I also demo a neo angle design on showers online.


Video #5:

The Clamp Assistant mark and drill method for installing glass clamps with the panel in place. This can be done with a solo installer.